Home for the Holidays

Sometimes, after a hectic week (or weeks) all a college student really wants is to have a break. Thankfully for me and all other college students out there, we have now or will soon flock home for the wonderful break known as Thanksgiving break.

Coming home is a great stress reliever. It’s a way to get out a stressful environment and in to a one that is comfortable for you. Especially if you are someone who lives on campus in the dorms like me.

Getting back also is great time to hang out with old friends and just talk or do an activity. I know when I come home and see my friends, we typically like to go see the latest superhero movie and get some dinner to talk about what’s going on lately or talking about the buzz around the latest movie we watched.

Occasionally we go to the St. Louis Art Museum. Maddie and De’Andre do enjoy their poses.

It’s also a great time to do something with your family. Like I said last week, my family enjoys going to the theatre, so it’s a great way for us all to relax together. We also just hang around the house and during Thanksgiving, if you’re from Webster Groves, St. Louis like we are, you get to experience the glory of Turkey Day events (our annual football game against our rival Kirkwood, which this year we shall win!).

A while ago my sister and I tried to take a nice photo……It didn’t work out well

Now this is what I do to relax during breaks. What you do to hang out with your friends and family is really up to you! Time to take a break and relax!


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