Show some love

Growing up in St. Louis, MO, it is almost a right-of-passage to see a show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and the Muny in Forest Park. For my family seeing shows at these historical places was a yearly ritual, along with going to shows at my dad’s high school and all the local venues.

Sometimes, a night out on the town to see the play or musical is a way to just get away from it all, especially theatre lovers.

For me, the theatre has always been a way to treat yourself (Donna Meagle would be proud). While I love theatre, I particularly enjoy the experience of going to the theatre. I enjoy getting ready, putting on one of my nicer dresses, getting to try new makeup, styling my hair (which I can’t do much about since it’s so short, put it’s still fun to try). Then getting to go out to eat at a nicer restaurant downtown was always so much fun.

Of course, you don’t need to go to the theatre to do all these things. The theatre is just one of the places I feel most comfortable showing myself some love. You can “treat yo self” at anytime you want. You can get dressed up and go out, you can buy yourself something nice, you can treat yourself to the thing you’ve really wanted for a while.

Showing yourself some love is something that you get decide what is. Now find your inner Donna and Tom and “treat yo self.”


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