Sometimes you try something new

I have tried a lot of tradition techniques for dealing with my anxiety. They all just seem to fall a bit flat for me. Today, however, I’m going to talk about some of the ones that I’ve looked at, tried, and ultimately, the reason I personally don’t use them.

Working out

Working out is a great way to stay healthy and manage your stress. There are many ways to exercise and get active. Most colleges have a Student Recreation Center that has not only a gym, but a program schedule with free activities like Zumba, weight training, and a variety of other classes. After talking to my doctor about my stress, he recommended that this would be excellent way for me to manage not just my weight, but my stress as well.

giphy (14)


Relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing are used by many people. My best friend finds them useful when dealing with her anxiety and depression. A lot of meditation focuses on being in quiet environments and narrowing your concentrations and then widening it back up. Most of it is just focusing on your breathing.

giphy (15)


Journaling is one of the more creative traditional techniques. There are many ways to journal and many things people focus on when they write. It’s a good way to talk about stress and vent so that you can get your emotions out in the moment rather than taking everything in and bottling it all up.

giphy (16)

These are all great techniques for people to use, but I don’t for the simple reason. They just aren’t things that are me. The thing that has been of the most used for my stress relief in this list is journaling, but I tend to often lose focus and forget about it after a while.

All these techniques are something that can and should be used, if they are things that you feel can help you. It’s up to you though and your coping methods are something that you feel work.


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