Dance it all out

This is a been the worse week of the semester for me. Part of the reason this post has come so late is that it seems like everything is getting in the way and there’s nothing I can do about it. In times like these, I just need to shake it off (get it??) with a dance.

giphy (11)

Okay, I know everyone is not a big Taylor fan, but she’s got some catchy tunes. The thing about myself is that I have my headphones in and music blasting almost 24/7. I love most types of music and find myself swaying a lot to certain beats. I’m also a sorority girl and while parties are most definitely not my thing, I do enjoy a good night every once and while.

Dancing is a great way to let loose on your insecurities. It’s not something you have to be good at to release your stress. You just have to feel a beat and move your body to it.

giphy (12)

Dancing is something that you can do whenever and wherever (depending on your comfort zone of course). When I get back to my room and I’ve got a good song going, I turn it and just let loose. Dancing is also something you can do alone, with a partner, or a giant group.

If you’re struggling to find something to jam out there’s plenty of places to go. I tend to go to Spotify if there’s something specific I have in mind or am just casually looking to go through a specific album. Pandora is great for those who want a specific style of music, but want to be surprised.

If you just have a certain selection of songs you own though and want to go through just those, ITunes is a wonderful and very useful thing (especially if you’re in a location with limit wifi and don’t want to use to much data.

Dancing is a great way to just let loose and have fun, so try and don’t worry about anything.

giphy (13)


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