Paint it all away

So the thing about being a sorority girl is that we love to craft and we especially love to paint. What do we love to paint? Everything. When do we love to paint? Do we need an occasion?

One of my sorority events included canvas making, and so I decided to go Disney style.

Yet, I have found painting to be an excellent way to relieve myself of stress, while creating a beautiful things that I can give to one of my littles, big, or just keep for myself later.

Painting is something that everyone can do. Don’t worry about if you think you’re bad at it! No one ever has to see it but you. It’s really easy to just start painting. My campus has canvas painting events for people that enjoy that them or you can just stay in your room and enjoy painting alone.

My wall of canvases (this is not including the other walls worth).

The only things you need for this stress reliever are some paints, a few brushes, and a surface of your choosing. I tend to lean more towards regular canvases, but really it’s your choice, because here’s the best part; There aren’t any rules.

That’s right! No rules! Run wild! Do your thing! You get to do whatever you want with your paints and surface. You can paint whatever you want, whenever you want and live out your wildest painting dreams! The only thing I ask is that you don’t try and use your unlimited painting powers for evil.

If you struggling to come up with ideas of things to paint, I tend to go towards Pinterest for ideas. I even have two boards with ideas for sorority based canvases and some more plain canvas ideas.

I tend to pick nerdy canvas ideas, that somethings come off of Hot Topic shirts.

According to the Boston Globe, creativity is actually a wonderful way to reduce your stress! So go be creative and have some stress reducing fun!.


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