Moving on to Movie Night

It has been a rough week. Everything just keeps hitting me in the face and we’re getting so close to mid terms, I know that it’s only going to get worse from here. After one of these rough weeks, there’s really only one way that I try to cope. Movie nights.

giphy (5)

Movies have always been a great way to escape for me, and I have a favorite in most, if not all, genres. However, to have a good movie night, there’s a couple things you’ll need:

  • A Movie- Well, yeah, obviously. You have several options for getting to the movie though. I (living in a dorm with limited space) tend to find my movies on Netflix and Hulu, but occasionally, if I have the DVD or blu-ray with me or at my local library or Wal-Mart, I do use that.
  • A Viewing Device- A laptop will suffice for most viewing needs. I use my T.V., but that’s just what I prefer.
  • Snacks- Get some popcorn and some drinks! Avoid alcohol no matter what your age though. It’s not a healthy coping mechanism to use and you don’t want to create a habit of using it to relax.
  • A Friend (optional)- I love to have movie nights with my friends, but remember sometimes you need to take a break and be without them!

After gathering the above items, you should be good to go. However, you don”t have to just pick a movie. A couple episodes of a favorite T.V. show work just as well. I know watching a episode of The Great British Bake Off.


Another important thing to note, is that these movies and T.V. shows are not supposed to about making you consider your place in the universe. What I mean is, don’t pick something you haven’t watched already.

I absolutely refuse to put in something I don’t know won’t help, or that I haven’t seen (this means I stick more to pop culture and less academy award winners). It’s nice to try something new, but do it at a different time.

Now, my fellow stressed out college students, go forth and watch a movie!

Click here to get recommendations!


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