Take a break

The most important thing that a person with anxiety or massive amounts of stress can do, is take a break.

Yes, I realize this is the wrong song, but they are much happier here, than in “Take a Break.”

Taking a break seems like it should be the worst possible thing for a person under a lot of stress to do, but it’s actually a lot more helpful than some one might think. It allows you to pause for a moment and take some time for yourself. It is also great to come back with a clear head because you now might finally get a better grasp of what you were doing before and come up with some better ideas.

There are some rules for these mental health breaks:

  • Stay off social media (exception being pinterest)- social media and Facebook can have a lot of stress attached to it, especially in 2017, where everyone has an opinion to state, and gosh darn it, their going to state it. It will only add to your problems and you won’t be relaxing if you are planning out your next twitter war.
  • Don’t talk to your friends- Friends are great things to have, but this is you time. Time to be alone and focus on your health. Your friends are going to understand if you’re not on your phone for an hour or two.

Now, there is always the question of when can I possibly take a break!? Well, it doesn’t have to be something you do everyday. Find a time either a couple times a week, or even just once a week, to have your alone time.

There several ways to spend your break. You can go the traditional methods of yoga or meditation, but since I struggle with them (big time) here are some ways I suggest:

  1. Read a book or fanfiction- It shouldn’t be something for school. Find something you’ve been meaning to read and go on an adventure
  2. Watch a movie- Netflix is extremely useful. I tend to gravitate towards kid movies, but it should be something that you enjoy immensely and that you have a good sense of what’s going to happen (so you’re not too stressed out about the plot).IMG_0360
  3. Go on Pinterest– Only allowable social media. Unless your super political, it’s a place where you can just scroll through cute pictures of something that relaxes you.
  4. Put on a face mask- it’s 15-20 minutes where you do absolutely nothing except enjoy the coolness of a face mask. Who doesn’t love a good face mask?
    The debate
    The curiosity
    The acceptance that you now look like you belong in American Horror Story.


    5. Take a nap- If you are super stressed, I can almost guarantee, you haven’t been getting enough sleep. Naps can help with that. They shouldn’t be too long, as they might disturb your sleeping pattern.

Now go out and take a break! You deserve it!

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