A Quick Introduction

College is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Forty million adults suffer from anxiety in the United States according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Seventy five percent of those adults have their first anxiety attack before the age of 22. Even more nerve-wreaking 41.6 percent of students have said anxiety is one of their top concerns. There is obviously a problem. My own university (Truman State University) has one of the highest stress levels in the state of Missouri and mental health has been a large problem on campus since last semester after the suicides of three young men.



In case it isn’t obvious, these problems need to dealt with.

College students find many ways to deal with mental health on campuses. Therapy is a great way to start dealing with these problems. A lot of schools have a university counseling center where students can go for cheaper prices (which when your broke is a pretty good option). Finding a working medication after going to a professional therapist is also an excellent way to help. However, these things only work so long. What can help when these things don’t work?

Coping methods.

Meditation, deep breathing, journaling, listening to music. People recommend all of these to deal with anxiety and mental health and for some are highly effective. Slight problem.

None of them work at all for me.

I hate sitting still or being told to be patient. These things just aren’t me and don’t help with my own anxiety in the slightest because it gets too quiet. Way too quiet. Alone with my thoughts to comfort me quiet. Alone with my extremely unpleasant, I completely forgot about an assignment, what if this happens, that would be terrible if that happened, what is my place in the universe thoughts. I really don’t like these thoughts, if that wasn’t obvious.

Of course these are the average things that you will find online as recommendations for dealing with anxiety and stress. I know, however, that there are people, like me, trying to find different methods to get through everything. College students that just don’t have the time for this.

This is what I’m here to do.

I have found coping methods that work extremely well for me, and I’d also like to find some more. So that’s what this blog is. A way to share methods that I find work for me with other college kids (and everyone really because let’s be real, everyone finds dealing with stress difficult) and figuring out new ways to cope!

So come along and join me on my new adventure!


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